Recent Graduate from the Masters program in Digital Direction at Supinfocom Rubika.

I'm currently learning how to code a website.
So this thing here is "under construction" but you can have a look at all my projects on Behance.


Co-Writer & Co-Director.

Metanoia is a visually stunning film about an old man, Mr. Philip and his tales of adventure to magical lands, which he tells to the kids at the hospital to put them to sleep. Through his story, Mr. Philip teaches us all an important lesson, that helps us go through small & big hardships in life.


Writer & Director.

In 2013, the high increase of rapes in India caught attention nationwide. People revolted against it, especially after the brutal & shocking incident of "Nirbhaya" in December 2012. Although a lot of other henious acts are still practiced at large in the country, which go completely unnoticed.

About Me

In recent years, I've Written, Directed & Animated two Short Films and an Official Game Trailer, besides other student and commercial projects in multiple mediums.

I'm a Generalist with keen interest in Storyboarding, Animation & Editing.

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